Worms in Galoshes

As I headed out the door one evening sighing in anticipation of the incredibly boring night awaiting me, my daughter addressed my lack of enthusiasm. “So, use the time to write something,” she said.

“What should I write about?” I asked in response.

“I don’t know… write me a poem… about worms…”

Before I could object she added, “In galoshes… Yes, a poem about worms in galoshes.”

How could I resist the challenge?

Worms in Galoshes

L. E. Gay   1-26-2012

Worms in galoshes

Evoke “Oh my gosh!”’s,

An outlandish sight to behold.

Wrens with umbrellas

Can be queer little fellas

When seen with the worms, so I’m told.

But stop to consider

A world with no mixture.

What a drab place for us to call home.

For between you and me, where would we be

Without odd little quirks of our own?

So next time you witness

A squirrel in a headdress,

Or a hound with its hair in a braid;

Don’t cause interference,

Don’t judge by appearance,

Just enjoy what the good Lord has made!

-one of my favorites, thanks Ali.


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