The Journey (Spiritual)

The Journey

    L. E. Gay 4-2-09

My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me? Have I not given my heart to Thee?

All my days have my feet not gone where You have willed, where You have shown?

Yet, here I stand with strife so great upon my heart, so that I say…

My God, why hast Thou gone away?

My God, my God how heavy must my burden be? Do You not hear? Do You not see?

I know the wonders You conceive. I’ve read Your word and I believe.

I know that with but a breath, You could erase this mess and yet…

How heavy must my burden get?

My God, my God what lessons are you teaching me? What more is there that I must see?

I know You hold the universe and breathe life into all the earth.

I have no doubt that you alone are Lord of all that is, and so…

What more is there that I must know?

My God, my God why have I forsaken Thee? Have You not proven Yourself to me?

In times of plenty, was it not Thee who so richly showered me?

And yet in this my time of woe, are You not still my God, my hope?

Why can’t I let this anger go?

My God, my God how will I ever find my way back into Your loving grace?

It seems forever I’ve been gone. The journey back will be so long.

Though I feel I have no strength, I’ll turn and take a step toward Thee.

My God, be there to rescue me.

My God, my God I stand amazed. My heart cries out to You in praise.

I had but to turn and look to see You walked each step I took.

You’ve brought me from the dark to light, and revealed truth set before my eyes.

I see now where I was blind: You are not bound, as I, by time.

You are not God just today, but even now in every age.

Your watchful eye is always there to keep me in Your loving care.

All those trials You led me through, to see what I already knew.

It wasn’t what I had to learn… how I learned was Your concern.

For all my days, through all this time, I knew Your truth with but my mind.

Now, through Your patient, loving art, Your truth is living in my heart.

There it will forever be, ever more to humble me.

A peace that only You can send, not just my God but now my friend.

My God, my friend I trust in Thee to never leave nor forsake me.


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