The Watch Maker


The highly anticipated sequel to The Doll Maker is now available!
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Desperate to conquer her past, the reluctant successor of a Voodoo priestess fights for control of her future.


Despite its unsavory history of alleged Voodoo rituals, The Doll Maker remains favored among the charming shops of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and Nalia Deminy is eager to champion its future. However, when the arrival of new tenants in the adjoining storefront sparks frighteningly familiar visions, Nalia finds herself fighting to control her own destiny. With her Mama Lu distressed over a dear friend’s sudden disappearance, Nalia must sort out the dark omens alone, before their violent manifestations lay claim to her body and mind. Can the dashing, young writer next door reveal the truth Nalia seeks? Or does the answer lie with his reclusive grandfather, the watch maker?


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