The Doll Maker

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Synopsis: A twisted tale of righteous retribution. Behind the enticing charm of present day New Orleans, lies a guarded world of ancient religion rich in the traditions of Voodoo, where Nalia Deminy must unearth the source of her recent visions and recurring, violent nightmares. In a race against time and treachery, Mama Lu attempts to help retrieve terrifying memories that were locked away inside Nalia’s mind when she was abandoned as a child – secrets that can only be revealed by The Doll Maker.

* * * * *

When a casual date with a college classmate takes an unexpected turn, Nalia Deminy is plagued by disturbing visions that threaten her sanity and her life. Desperate for answers, she returns to the heart of New Orleans and the only mother she has ever known. Clues to the mysteries of Nalia’s past lie with Mama Lu, a world-renowned porcelain crafter and owner of “The Doll Maker” – a French Quarter storefront with a notorious history of its own. With the ceremony of St. John’s Eve imminent, and pressure from a rival practitioner reaching aggressive levels, Mama Lu will stop at nothing to protect her daughter, including a return to the dark world she gave up in order to raise her. Together with her mentor, Madame Toulouse and her mysterious friend “Doctor” John, Mama Lu must begin the delicate process of ritualistically returning the memories hidden inside her daughter’s mind. As Nalia’s visions grow more violent, the trio struggles to reveal the truth about her shocking past, while protecting the one secret she must never learn.


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